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Quintrex Celebrates its Outstanding Dealer Network

01 May 23

Recognised as Australia’s leading aluminium boat brand, Quintrex proudly invests in partnering with the country’s top marine dealerships to not only champion the brand but continue delivering an utmost customer journey at all levels of the boating experience - from purchase, right through to the famed Quintrex on-water experience.


Whilst equipped with 60 of the top dealerships nation-wide, carefully chosen for their alignment with the Quintrex promise of innovation and boating made easy, the bi-annual Dealer of the Year Awards represents outstanding performance across all facets of business; from utmost customer feedback, to the presentation of showroom floors, alignment with business values and service to their region. 


The prized dealers reflect the overall quality of the entire Quintrex network, with each dealer brought into the brand due to their commitment in delivering for marine excellence - which goes part in parcel with Quintrex’s rich history of recognised industry-best service.


“Each dealer has earnt their place in our network by exemplifying a hunger for seeing the brand, and marine industry as a whole, grow from strength to strength,” Drew Jackson, ANZ Sales Manager said.


“For any customer buying a Quintrex, we are proud to guarantee second-to-none dealerships Australia-wide who carry impeccable marine knowledge to assist every buyer in best meeting their needs, and deliver outstanding customer services.”


With the Quintrex dealership network strategically located across the country to achieve accessibility for all Australian’s, the dealer awards are broken into nine categories to recognise each segment - meaning there is a 2023 Dealer of the Year within close proximity to countless Aussie’s.


Following an extensive review to identify the top performing dealers, the brand proudly heralds the 2023 Quintrex Dealer’s of the Year:


National Dealer of the Year

  • Brisbane Yamaha

    State Dealer’s of the Year

  • Queensland: Surf Coast Marine
  • New South Wales: Riverina Marine Centre
  • Victoria / Tasmania: Streaker Marine
  • Western Australia: Pilbara Boats n Bikes
  • Northern Territory / South Australia: Yamaha Pitmans Marine

    Best New Dealer

  • Melbourne Quintrex

    Sales & Marketing Dealer of the Year

  • Bills Marine

    Telwater Boat, Motor & Trailer Dealer of the Year

  • Insinc Marine


**If a 2023 Quintrex Dealer of the Year may not be near you, Quintrex boasts a widespread network of the industries best dealerships who carry a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Find your local dealer at


Recognised as the most sought-after title within the network, the National Dealer of the Year award holds true bragging rights, representing utmost prestige with the chosen dealership proving unparalleled performance for the preceding two years.


Celebrating ten years of partnership with Quintrex and armed with a strong team of long-standing, dedicated professionals, the Brisbane Yamaha team sets the basis for the dealership’s success, delivering unmatched marine expertise and utmost customer advice.


“Brisbane Yamaha is a market leader because of their commitment to their people, the boating community and their business, taking a front-foot on the marketing landscape. We have all borne witness to their YouTube videos which exemplifies their passion for the industry. This passion is what will continue to see boating grow,” Nathan Shaw, District Sales Manager said.


Following the National Dealer of the Year award, comes one overall champion for each of the five subsequent state distinctions; Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria & Tasmania, Northern Territory & South Australia, and Western Australia, along with just one Australia-wide winner for the Best New Dealer, Sales & Marketing and Boat, Motor & Trailer awards.


In response to the recent boating boom, Quintrex dealers have met the demand head-on, continuing to deliver exceptional customer service whilst evolving the industry to support the growth of marine.


Each dealer selected epitomises the Quintrex essence of setting the marine standard by making boating accessible and approachable to every customer - no matter whether new in the industry or experienced.


Surf Coast Marine is said to be an exemplary community advocate, driving initiatives to increase their footprint and support locals, which aligns directly with the overall brand’s values. From Quintrex through to the Queensland Dealer of the Year runs a passion for making boating accessible for everyone and welcoming new boaters into the lifestyle.


“The Surf Coast Marine team is professional, well-presented and provides a great customer experience. They live for the boating lifestyle, and this passion is shared with everyone who passes through this dealership,” Nathan Shaw, District Sales Manager said.


The 2023 New South Wales Dealer of the Year, Riverina Marine Centre, is one that takes showcases utmost pride in customer satisfaction and product quality. Established in 1988, and family owned and operated, this dealership not only carries a wealth of knowledge but delivers a next-to-none customer experience.


“This dealership is fully committed to providing a first-class experience to every customer from the moment they walk through the doors. The dedicated and knowledgeable team consistently surpass customer expectations,” Eric Steele, District Sales Manager said.


Quintrex’s industry-leading name comes with an industry-leading dealership network, comprised of decades of boating expertise and knowledge.


The 2023 Victoria & Tasmania Dealer of the Year reflects just that. Celebrating its 50th year in the marine industry and coming up to 20 years of partnership with the Quintrex brand, Streaker Marine has seen the boating industry evolve and adapted with it. Handed down through generations, family and a passion for all things boating runs through the dealerships core.


“When it comes down to customer experience, marketing, product presentation and attention to detail there can only be one choice – Streaker Marine,” Russell Steedman, District Sales Manager said.


Acclaimed as one of state’s most reputable dealers, Pilbara Boats n Bikes continues to grow from strength to strength – this growth partnered with their dedication to the brand lends itself to their claim of the 2023 Western Australia Dealer of the Year.


“Pilbara Boats n Bikes certainly excelled in the last two years. This dealer continues to demonstrate resilience and an ongoing commitment to the Quintrex brand they proudly represent. As their DSM, it is always a pleasure to work alongside this dealership,” Jayson Jones, District Sales Manager said.


Yamaha Pitman’s Marine is a dealership equipped with passionate boaters and anglers, with a commitment to delivering the best products and services. Their commitment across the decades from their founding in 1976 to today will continue to see the dealership succeed.


“Yamaha Pitman’s Marine have shown an investment in the long run by having the right staff, training, signage, website and marketing. It is this dedication to the current and future success of the dealership and brand, that has seen them awarded as the 2023 Northern Territory / South Australian Dealer of the Year,” Russell Steedman, District Sales Manager said.


The final three awards recognise key performance in key facets which focus on the customer/dealer experience, with the Sales and Marketing Dealer of the Year award celebrating initiative and a forward-focus on the earliest level of customer experience.


Bills Marine excels in this avenue, strategically reaching new and previous customers, whilst assisting consumers in finding the right information. This dealership delivers excellence in all aspects of the customer journey from advertising, initial enquiry, the dealership experience and post-purchase.


Through select dealers including Insinc Marine, Quintrex boats are available to purchase as fully configured boat, motor and trailer packages, built directly within the Gold Coast factory. The Boat, Motor and Trailer Dealer of the Year Award recognises the dealership who achieves the easiest customer experience, delivering the highest quantity of fully-integrated packages. The offering ensures customer’s not only have high-quality products but are ready to get on the water as soon as leaving the dealership.


Finally, the Best New Dealer of the Year celebrates the dealership who has come on board since 2021 and has hit the ground running, delivering exceptional customer service and showcasing the Quintrex spirit. Melbourne Quintrex has not only become a top line Quintrex dealer with a high-profile location but also, one with first-class customer experience.


As the household boat name, founded in 1945, Quintrex is renowned as the most sought-after boat brand in the country, delivering utmost performance, quality and design. With a commitment to innovation, the brand continues to evolve the industry, with ground-breaking technologies and technologies.


Featuring a line-up of over 100 models, all proudly Australian built, Quintrex has invested in delivering a product suited to every new and experienced boater. With the help of Quintrex’s dedicated network of dealerships, located nationwide, choosing the perfect boat is simple.


Become part of the Quintrex community, or find out more about the range today by contacting your local dealer via

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Quintrex Celebrates its Outstanding Dealer Network
01 May 2023

Recognised as Australia’s leading aluminium boat brand, Quintrex proudly invests in partnering with the country’s top marine dealerships to not only champion the brand but continue delivering an utmost customer journey at all levels of the boating experience - from purchase, right through to the famed Quintrex on-water experience.