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The Best Just Got Better - Quintrex Launches its 2023 Lineup

10 Jul 23

As demand continues to skyrocket within the boating industry for more innovation, greater technological advancements and more capabilities, Quintrex continues to reinvigorate their lineup – this month, dropping the curtain on their 2023 lineup.

With the number of first-time boat buyers steadily increasing, diversity amongst boaters is at an all-time high, the lineup reflects consumer needs in delivering enhanced customisation and greater ease of access than ever before.

From the brand’s conception in 1945, Quintrex attests to its commitment to investing in consumer wants and needs with arguably the greatest Research and Development team in the marine industry.

“Our commitment is to our consumers and our products. The success of Quintrex goes hand in hand with our investment in market research and innovation – we are not afraid to push the boundaries; instead, we are excited about it.”

“Through our products, evolved by intrinsic research and scientific developments, we have established ourselves as the leading aluminium boat brand and the most sought-after one in the industry. Our commitment is to continue leading the industry by investing in our products and our Quintrex community.”

Quintrex expands its simplified boat buying approach across the Frontier, Renegade and Freestyler product ranges with boat bundles and Pro product offerings now available.

To curb the difficulty of boat buying, Quintrex first introduced the boat bundles in 2021 and with its success, has extended it to some of the brand’s most popular vessels.

“Through market research, we identified the complexity of boat buying to be the greatest hurdle in entering the market. To make boating attainable for all Australian’s we have created a simplified product offering, delivering a pre-configured product range suited to key boating lifestyles with the captain’s bundle, comfort bundle, fishing bundle and Pro offering,” Lloyd Jaber, Marketing Manager Quintrex said.

“Not only simplifying the product range; it also allows customers to select the right model for their price range.”

Launching to the public this year is an all-new Parts and Accessories range, whereby Quintrex branded merchandise including esky’s, fish bags, rod holders, deck protection, trailer guards, seat and boat covers, and more and be ordered with a boat purchase, or separately as stand-alone items. A range of Parts and Accessories will also be rolled into the new Frontier, Freestyler and Renegade boat bundles.

Not only increasing the overall level of customisation, Quintrex also seeks to make the purchasing experience easier than ever by offering key boating items directly through the factory.

“The launch of our Parts and Accessories range is an exciting first step to further enhance the customisation of our products, this is another way we can meet our customer needs with high-quality boats, trailers and engines, and now parts and accessories.”

The Parts and Accessories rollout will also see an overhaul of electronics with the brand refreshing its stereo head unit lineup. Incorporating just three model variations, all boats fitted with a stereo unit will feature a new, sleek design showcasing some of Fusion’s latest technology, whilst achieving a seamless, consistent fascia layout.

The Parts and Accessories range is set to be available in dealerships from September 2023.

Thanks to a recent partnership with Mercury Marine, Quintrex boats are easy to access and easy to buy, now available from select dealerships as driveaway boat, motor and trailer packages, fully configured directly from the Australia factory.

As part of the 2023 lineup, the Territory Legend has also seen a facelift to further enhance the overall product offering.

The range will see a reconfiguration to comprise a 540, 590 and 610 model. Alongside the reconfiguration, 540 and 590 models will incorporate a range of new changes including an increased freeboard, an updated hull for increased stability and ride performance, and a raised casting platform to allow for a 110L esky capacity.

The 610 Territory Legend will remain the same, along with the layout and console across the entire range, to continue meeting the demand for a strong, deep rear console model for those living in the Northern Territory and beyond.

The tinnie lineup has also seen an overhaul to continue enhancing the entry-level product experience for both new and experienced boaters alike. New models to be introduced to the lineup include the:
• 390 Explorer, designed with the Eclipse Hull and 30HP capacity to deliver a traditional tinnie with bench seats in that size configuration.
• 350 and 370 Explorer Pro, featuring the original Explorer Hull with deeper side sheets for increased versatility throughout Australia.

With over twenty tinnie and Explorer variations available, Quintrex offers an extensive range of finetuned entry-level, basic aluminium boats for diverse inland applications.

Offering both v-nosed and pickled-fork hull designs across a range of sizes, the brand looks to deliver a steadfast, high-quality and long-lasting boat for tendering, car-topping, or traversing local inland waterways.

“Quintrex is committed to raising the standard for boating across the board, from tinnies to mid-range and plate boats. We will continue to look at new innovations and invest in product enhancements, as we have throughout the brand’s history.”

“We are proud of our heritage as Australia’s leading boat brand with a legacy in quality and innovation, and the future is only up from here, now owned by BRP; a global leader in powersports.”

Quintrex is grounded by the age-old motto of Boating Made Easy and continues to create new ways to make boating approachable, attainable and unintimidating for all Australians.

With a carefully selected network of the industry’s best dealers located across the country, Quintrex is arguably one of the most easily accessible boat brands in the country.

Visit to find out more about the Quintrex range and contact your local dealer to become part of the family today.

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