Quintrex releases new Yellowfin Southerner

02 May 18
Quintrex releases new Yellowfin Southerner

Quintrex releases new Yellowfin Southerner  

Quintrex has expanded its popular Yellowfin line up by adding two new models; the 7000 Southerner and 7600 Southerner.

In early 2016 Quintrex revamped the entire Yellowfin range releasing an improved riding hull and unique modern look. 

Now Quintrex has released two new models designed to tackle the tough rough conditions of the South.

The cabin length has been extended by 300mm allowing for extra protection for drivers and passengers.

Carpeted Hood lining now comes standard on all hard top models for improved atheistic and added comfort.

The 7600 models are now rated to 300hp for some extra grunt; there is also a twin 150 option available for those longer trips offshore.

Rain deflectors now come standard on all hard top models once again allowing extra protection and keeping your passengers dry.

As well as the standard Bait Board, there is now a bait station upgrade available on all Yellowfin boats which has in inbuilt removable tackle station to keep all your gear.

If you’re looking to impress your mates the Yellowfin Southerners can now be optioned up to include the LED kit to improve your night fishing experience. 

The port side wiper option is a great feature for rough conditions increasing visabilty and safety.

The new optional external hand wash is easily activated using a button on the floor while a bilge pump water out a nozzle on the side of the boats for added convenience and safety.

Quintrex Account Manager Drew Jackson said the Yellowfin Southerner is a rugged boat yet offers the comforts needed for a great fishing trip.

‘The new features available really take these boats to the next level, we have listened to feedback and designed these boats for some of the toughest conditions.

‘The extended cabin and rain deflectors are going to keep you nice and dry and all the new fishing features are going to make all the difference when it comes to landing that catch,’ Drew said.

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