Graham Barclay wins NSW Quintrex Dealer of the Year for 2010

24 Jun 10
Graham Barclay wins NSW Quintrex Dealer of the Year for 2010

Graham Barclay Marine has exceeded their expectations and taken out NSW Quintrex Dealer of the Year for 2010.

Manager, Mark Wilson was surprised by the dealership’s nomination and was excited to win the award.

“Honestly, we didn’t even think we were in the running to get any awards so to get the NSW Dealer of the Year was a real honour.

“When you consider the calibre of the Quintrex dealer network in NSW and the level of professionalism that is increasing year to year, to win this was a testament to the hard work from all our team here and the support we get from Quintrex,” he said.

The enthusiastic staff at Graham Barclay are very knowledgeable and can assist customers in making a well-informed decision on their purchase.

“All our staff are actively involved in boating, fishing, kayaking or water skiing so first-hand experience of the products we stock and sell makes a huge difference when talking with customers.

“Our staff know the features and benefits of the products we sell and have an attitude of respect towards the customer, realising that many of them know a lot about new products and do their homework so we like to learn from our customers as well,” Mr Wilson said.

The spirit at Graham Barclay is to foster a great work environment for the staff that in turn produces happy customers and acknowledging that hard work pays off.

Jason Boal, Quintrex National Accounts Manager said the award is well deserved.

“They have the Quintrex Dealer of the Year award to show for all their hard work and that is a testament to the great dealership that Graham and Kay Barclay have established in Forster,” he said.

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