The 520 Renegade, the no frills fishing machine

14 Jan 12
The 520 Renegade, the no frills fishing machine

Quintrex’s new 520 Renegade is ready to explore outer reefs, local estuaries, rivers and impounds.

This tough, strong fishing boat has 3.00mm bottomsides and 2.00mm topsides and a wide 5.20 meters beam for the fisho it features a front casting platform and an overall length of 5.20 meters.

Quintrex National Account Manager Jason Boal says the 520 Renegade is a fishing focused boat at a very affordable price.

“The centre console has been redesigned to give a more modern and slimline appearance, creating greater cockpit space and 360 degree fishing access around the boat” he said.

“The high fisherman bow rails give a steady hold in big swell and the high engine keep the back of the boat dry” he said.

The 520 Renegade features a front casting platform as standard and the back of the boat is set up with a transom cutting board mount that can be optioned up with an alloy cutting board.

The handy rear deck storage bin can be optioned up to a live bait tank or left out to make room for a dual battery set up for extra power.

The 520 Renegade like all models in the Quintrex range come as an ‘Instant boating package’ complete with boat motor and trailer.

For more information about the 520 Renegade or any other models in the Quintrex range please visit

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