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In today’s boating world, there are many factors to consider when buying a boat and seemingly endless options to support them. One of the age old comparisons was that of aluminium vs fibreglass and the benefits each had over the other. It’s no secret that for a long time fibreglass held the mid-large boat market but advancements in technology in the aluminium boat space have changed everything. So, without further ado, here’s our top five reasons why aluminium boats have now got the edge over fibreglass.

  1. TOUGH

    Straight off the bat, aluminium boats are generally tougher than fibreglass and much more forgiving. What may result in a dent or scratch in an aluminium hull could potentially be some gelcoat damage or even a crack in a fibreglass hull. If you’re planning on having an offshore boat that is going to be able to handle some punishment from potentially rough seas, aluminium is definitely the way to go.

  2. LIGHT

    This one is irrefutable – aluminium boats are much lighter than fibreglass. This is a huge benefit as you don’t need a vehicle with a huge towing capacity to get your boat to the ramp and back. Launching is definitely much more of a breeze as well!


    Now this one used to firmly sit within the realm of a fibreglass boat; as fibreglass can be moulded to any shape, the hulls could be designed to be much more sleek and be able to cut through the water smoothly. But our recent advancements in aluminium stretch form technology have challenged this conception – our Apex hulls in particular are uniquely designed to curve the aluminium in such a way that the boat really does slice through the water. Add in our reverse chines and flared bows, and you have one of the softest riding and driest boats in the market.


    Have a very specific boat in mind? Maybe it’s firmly a family boat, or a hardcore fishing machine? Whatever your preference, you want the ability to customise your boat to your needs. In this regard, aluminium boats have a wider range of hulls with different options and features. Fibreglass hulls are usually made out of a mould and as such, the form of the boat is pretty pre-determined.


    And finally, we come down to maintenance of your boat – the time and effort of keeping her in tip-top shape is definitely a consideration. Aluminium boats are generally pretty easy maintenance – just hose her off with fresh water to get all the salt out, ensure the boat is properly drained and make sure you keep her nice and dry when not in use. In comparison, fibreglass boats generally require more upkeep after use – a high quality boat soap wash is recommended after almost every trip out and to keep that shine regular coat waxes and polishes are a must.

The industry has changed so much even in the last couple of years so we highly recommend you do your research and choose the right boat that fits your requirements. To view our extensive range of aluminium boats, click here.

A Hull for Every Water - Quintrex Patented Technology
Apex Hull
Apex Hull

Great things take time

After years of research, Quintrex has released the Apex Hull design set to revolutionize the boating industry. From humble beginnings in 1945 Quintrex has remained the leader in aluminium boat research and development for over 70 years. True to its name, the Apex Hull offers the pinnacle of boating with years of research and development leading to superior performance on the water – You have never seen a boat quite like this before!

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