Quintrex Releases New Millennium Blade Hull

05 May 11
Quintrex Releases New Millennium Blade Hull
As part of the 2011 new model release Quintrex has added a new hull design dubbed the ‘Millennium Blade’ to their revolutionary range of stretch-formed hulls.

The Millennium blade hull has been tailor made to deliver a smoother, softer and drier ride to all Quintrex 610, 650 and 690 models.

The Millennium Blade Hull is the first design to be released by Quintrex since the originator, The Millennium Hull, was first released in 2000.

Research and development manager Craig Madam says the Millennium Blade Hull was developed thanks to revolutionary computer

New Blade Hull represented in green,
Millennium Hull represented in red.

“The design brief was simple – use whatever means necessary to create a larger boat ride that rivalled that of our smaller boats”.

The Quintrex R&D Team utilised advanced design software and virtual modelling to map performance and reduce the time to market of the new hull, says Madam.

“Stability, efficiency, hole-shot, top speed and spray release simulations were tested and re-tested against a variety of conditions to gauge overall performance … all before a sheet of aluminium was even cut” says Madam.

“This computer modelling allowed us to commission two new stretch forming dies before a hull was even built.. It was a significant investment which we were able to make relatively early in the design process, thanks to the technology.”

Quintrex have morphed The Millennium Blade Hull from its predecessor by changing the concave flare of the side sheets and under sides into an entirely new design.

As shown above, the Blade Hull boasts an increased deadrise and a sharper, more relaxed bow entry for impressive performance.

“At first we were sceptical of the situational result s, but the Blade Hull has delivered on them all – smoother, drier ride, increased hull efficiency and even improved visibility”, says Madam.

The Millennium Blade delivers a smoother ride in offshore conditions thanks to a sharper entry and narrow ‘shoulder’ at the bow to cut through swell.

The Blade Hull also disperses spray further aft thanks to its relaxed stem line, therefore reducing the possibility of wind buffering it back into the boat.

The Flared Bow has been modified to match the Blade hull; the flare in the side sheets has been spread further aft towards
mid-ships, creating a larger catchment area for wind-blown spray.
     Millennium Hull                  Blade Hull

The Millennium Blade Hull also performs with a flatter attitude, meaning the driver experiences improved visibility at slower speeds and a near zero nose high attitude when coming off the plane.

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