Quintrex Partners with Trade School to Find New Talent

23 Feb 11
Quintrex Partners with Trade School to Find New Talent

Quintrex Partners with Trade School to Find New Talent

To recruit their next generation of boat builders Quintrex has again joined forces with The Australian Industry Trade College, an Independent Senior College with a trade focus.

On completion, Quintrex AITC apprentices gain a certificate III in Engineering-Fabrication Trade while also completing their senior school certificate.

Small Boat Factory Manager Mark Stambera says “Cooperation with the AITC over a number of years has allowed us to recruit the most promising school-based apprentices who often continue to have long term careers with Quintrex”

Students at AITC have a 4 week rotational timetable; 4 weeks working in their trade followed by 4 weeks studying at AITC.  The curriculum focuses on core subjects, English, Maths, IT and Business in order to complete their senior school certificate.

Case Manager Camille Carroll from AITC says “The rotational timetable of four weeks on four weeks off  gives the students the best of both worlds , completing on average 30% of their apprenticeship by the time they  finish their senior school certificate”

Current AITC student and 2nd  year Quintrex apprentice Brandon Mardesic  spoke to new apprentices during a factory tour to give them a feel for what their new job will entail and an informed description of what life is like working for Quintrex.

“On average I construct 3 to 4 small boats a day, ranging in size from 2.4 – 4.2 meters. We make on average 17 – 25 boats a day in the small boats factory. ”

“It’s great being an apprentice, I am learning the necessary skills for my trade and completing part of my apprenticeship while finishing school,  which gives me a head start on my career.”

Quintrex is always on the lookout for enthusiastic and motivated apprentices, ready to kick start their career just like Brandon. If you believe you have what it takes to become a Quintrex apprentice please email your CV through to jobs@telwater.com

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