Product Safety Recall - Black Nylon Fuel Filler

21 Nov 17
Product Safety Recall - Black Nylon Fuel Filler

Product Safety Recall -  Fuel Filler

Black Nylon Fuel Filler that was installed to some boats manufactured and/or despatched by Telwater Pty Ltd between 10th July 2017 and 14th Nov 2017. These boats were sold through Quintrex, Stacer & Savage Dealers nationally. A list of potentially affected serial numbers is available.

DEFECT In some circumstances water entry into the fuel tank is possible via the breather holes.

HAZARD If water enters the engine’s fuel system via the fuel tank the engine could shut down, rendering the boat unable to return to port under its own propulsion and increasing the risk of an accident and/or injury to the boat occupants.

WHAT TO DO Consumers should immediately stop operating the engine and contact their nearest Telwater dealer to have the fuel tank inspected and fuel filler spacer installed.

To view the official RECALL NOTICE please click here 

To view a complete list SERIAL NUMBERS of affected Quintrex boats please click here 
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