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November winners announced

02 Dec 11
November winners announced
Winners announced!
There were many fantastic entries in the Australia’s Favourite Tinnie competition for the month of November and choosing just one winner was no easy task. Thank you to everyone that entered and told us why Quintrex is their favourite tinnie however as there can only be one winner, the lucky person is……


Kim - QLD

We chose a Quintrex for our first family tinny this summer and it was love, fun and fishing at first sight.

It looks great, run's great and most importantly has opened up a whole new world of adventure and family fun,

We now look forward to spending quality time together on the water any chance we get..

Thank you Quintrex.
Signed a very happy mum and wife


We wish everyone could get a prize for their efforts but notable mention must go to the following entrants for their creative and interesting testimonials. The following runner-ups will receive a Quintrex cap and stubby cooler for their entries.


Martin - NSW

Thank you for making such a great boat.

I have been waiting until I retired to buy the 510 Freedom Sport, so that I can share the enjoyment of fishing with my 91 year old father and my sons. We are all enjoying the experience and can't wait for summer to use it for water skiing.

I now wish I had bought it earlier because the boat is better than I expected.




Daniel - QLD

This is the reason My Quintrex is my favourite tinnie!!
My sons first Barra, 90cm, caught in the Boyne River in 2011. One of his best days ever!

I caught my first Barra out of the same boat about 7years ago, and there's been a lot of fish during that time.

The boat has always preformed perfectley, and when it's time to go bigger (530 Topender I hope) I know the new Quinnie will do the job as well as my old one.



   Rob - NSW

Touring the waterways bays, rivers and lake
Catching plenty of fish Cod, trout and flake

Fishing with my mates on a long summer day
Temperature high Refreshments not far away

Fun with the family from the biscuit to skis
In the lakes and rivers and the seven seas

Tough as nails, its strength knows no bounds
My Quinnie is packed with features to astound

I’ve owned a couple, they have all been outstanding
The quality for sure is all in the branding

Age slows me down, but my boat stays zippy
That’s why my Quinnie is my favourite Tinnie



Susan - NSW

I must be getting on. I remember the sheer delight,anticipation and excitement in our family when we had won a ballot from the local Matritime Services Board Office. In whispered tones -we got it ,we got it... a 14ft quintrex with a 20hpJohnson motor......... The week seemed to go SO slowly....... On the weekend Dad arrived home with 'The Quintrex" on the back of our dark grey 727 Holden Station Wagon. Five heads peaked sheepishly out ofthe window of our Port Kembla Home.
Freedom....We could go prawning in LAKE iLLAWARRA, go for the King Fish off Five Islands and camping with all the gear down to St Georges Basin and Sussex Inlet.......And we did.
That was in the days when the Princes Highway was still a goat track and it would take a long time to go any further south than Port Kembla. Even going as far as Dapto involved a packed lunch .And we did catch fish !!!!!!! And Prawns and just had so much fun...... Picnics-camping.......
2011Two weeks ago, My husband's 70th Birthday, we bought a brand new quintrex Estuary 420 and all that excitement came back to me......... Because it was (in lowered voice) A Quintrex.......
We got the nod from all the fishermen in our Park as we bought it home... "Good Rig!" "Can't go wrong with that one!" And this morning coming out of Lake Hume-"Now that a good set up-great hull!"
You can calculate how long it is that I have wanted one......Many ,many years.... Back to the coast next week-we might try Wallaga Lake or just trawl around Montague- feeling very smug,and safe ......... And then there are the prawns.....


Len - QLD

Heading for Moreton Island in Moreton Bay from Mud Island in my 2002 - 4.75 Coast Runner.

Note the cup of hot coffee sitting on the Esky, I never spilt a drop.

I've never owned a better, safer sea boat, I purchased it new after I retired.

I use this boat for fishing, the Reefs off the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and the fresh water like the Somerset Dam. 




Craig - QLD

At first glance, she’s a fashion stance
With closer inspection reveals perfection

Attention to detail and brilliant design
I’ve never seen a hull so refined.

Australia’s favourite tinny I will say
From the Pacific to Indian, oceans we play

Through the sunsets of Queensland we relax and fish
To the dawn of Hawkesbury we ski without risk

The Top End has thunder and crocs to beat
Although in the bite appears the White from the deep.

With all this in mind, I fear no evil
As my Quinny is stable and abstains from upheaval

I love my Escape to the Australian coastline
It crafts the aquatic experience, to be just simply, divine.



 Gary - QLD

Two things born in 1968, myself and the flared bow Quintrex.

I wish I could stand the test of time as well as a Quinnie!




 Marc - NSW

I can still remember the hours after our first day boating, my son with a grin from ear to ear he would not let the tinny out of his sight, my wife smiling after a day in the sun reading her favourite book and myself well, i felt just like a kid again exploring new places to go, and more fish to catch, and spending the nights planning our next trip.

One day we will be able to afford to buy our family bowrider and we want quintrex to be apart of our boating future.

Untill then its begging uncle graham to borrow his boat.



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