Leigh Martin Marine leads the way in Victoria & Tasmania

24 Jun 10
Leigh Martin Marine leads the way in Victoria & Tasmania

Leigh Martin Marine has taken out the Quintrex Dealer of the Year Award for the Victoria/Tasmania region.

The dealership has a long standing place in the marine industry, opening in 1982 and experiencing massive development in the market.

Owner Leigh Martin is proud of his dealership’s achievements and takes pride as a leader in the boating market.

“I pride myself on being able to develop market direction rather than just following behind the market.

“I have a great crew that I hold in the highest regard and they are certainly the key to maintaining a positive and progressive attitude that allows Leigh Martin Marine to continually be highly regarded as a premium marine centre,” he said.

National Quintrex Accounts Manager, Jason Boal said the commitment of the team at Leigh Martin Marine is outstanding.

“Sales Manager, Andrew Collins has been with Leigh Martin since 1985 and his long term service proves that Leigh has established a great dealership that fosters a positive and forward-thinking business environment,” he said.

 “Leigh Martin Marine always strives to add to the quality of every Quintrex boat that passes through our doors.

“Quintrex boats are the benchmark of the marine industry and Leigh Martin Marine looks to the future with a very positive outlook,” he said.

Leigh Martin is proud to accept the Dealer of the Year Award and looks forward to their future in the marine industry.

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