Since the release of vinyl wraps in 2011 they have become a popular choice of Quintrex customers with the wrap range expanding to include two brand new designs.

The new designs include Camo and Ice which is featured on ETs Trident throughout series 15 of Escape with ET. Each wrap is also available in a range of colours or you can even customise your own.

Quintrex vinyl wraps are available across the entire range of boats from a 310 Dart to a 690 Tridents; available on new boats to add a little something extra.

These works of art are made from durable high quality adhesive vinyl and once applied are covered with protective laminate.  All Quintrex Vinyl wraps are covered by a 3 year warranty, now that’s peace of mind!

The entire printing and application process is very labour intensive as all wraps are hand applied. The entire process from printing to application takes approximately 3 days to complete depending on the size of the boat.

If you want to wrap your Quinnie and check out the new wrap designs on offer head to our accessories page HERE