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  • 250 Explorer
    A pint-sized power packet! Weighing just 50kg and measuring 2.52m overall, this is a great little tender or car-topper. Designed with the Eclipse Hull, this boat is incredibly stable. Transom handles and bench seat flotation will keep you steady in your seat. It may be the smallest boat in the range but it certainly packs a punch.
  • 320 Explorer
    This model is both versatile and practical. The Eclipse Hull ensures smooth manoeuvrability, precise handling and stability at rest. A perfect companion on caravan holidays weighing in at only 63kg and packing a maximum 7hp rating.
  • 350 Explorer
    Affordable and easy to work with, this model is designed with a completely flat deck and has exceptional stability when at rest or underway. It comes standard with a glove box and boasts a maximum 10hp rating.
  • 350 Outback Explorer
    The 350 Outback Explorer may be the smallest in the range but don’t let this fool you, with the F-Series bow and increased side sheets by 80mm there is plenty of internal space in this tinnie.
  • 370 Explorer
    With a little more room to move, the 370 Explorer will fit nicely atop most utes for extra adventures when travelling. A one piece external Solid T Keel gives extra durability when loading and the Eclipse Hull allows for a comfortable and enjoyable day out on the water.
  • 370 Outback Explorer
    Quintrex has taken tinnies to the extreme, the new Outback Explorer range is bigger and bolder than ever before with these models designed to take you on the ultimate adventures. With an increased deadrise the 370 Outback Explorer can dart through the water while still ensuring a smooth ride.
  • 300 Wanderer
    This little 300 Wanderer is light and economical, get into the boating lifestyle on a budget. Weighing in at only 40kg it is light enough to lift on top of a car and at 3.10 metres long it can easily allow for 3 people to fish comfortably.
  • 420 Explorer Trophy
    As one of Australia’s most loved tinnies the 420 Explorer Trophy features 2mm bottomsides and a massive beam of 1.88m. Still packed with all your fishing needs the 420 Explorer Trophy includes front and rear casting platforms and rod holders as standard.
  • 400 Explorer Trophy
    With more fishing room than ever before the new 400 Explorer Trophy now features a larger front casting platform and more underfloor storage by up to 10%.
  • 440 Explorer Trophy
    The 440 Explorer Trophy includes a new option for a rod locker with an easy access lift up door, while the wider chines improve stability at rest.
  • 320 Wanderer
    The newest addition to Quintrex's range of tinnies is the 320 Wanderer. Super light weight making it easy for launch and take out on your next camping trip.
  • 360 Wanderer
    The largest in the range of Quintrex punts, the 360 is a perfect little tender. Bench seat flotation and 2 transom handles come standard so your ride is smooth and stable and weighing in at only 45kg means it is easy to lift on and off the car roof.
  • 390 Explorer
    With a new bow design the 390 Explorer now features wider chines generating better stability at rest and extra storage room for your fishing gear, while the sharper entry point creates an even softer riding hull.
  • 390 Outback Explorer
    This robust model is the mother of all tinnies taking boating to the next level. With extra flotation the opportunities for added extras are endless in a 390 Outback Explorer. With 100mm higher topsides and an increased deadrise these models can move through the water without compromising comfort.
  • 420 Explorer
    Quintrex’s 420 Explorer offers boaties an affordable and reliable tinnie, versatile enough to fish creeks, rivers and estuaries and is even perfect to use as a tender.
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